Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio

April 12th, 2013


Gaining and ultimately maintaining a girl’s attention can be difficult for many. There have been countless guides and books to explain the ‘secrets’ behind what works and what doesn’t. Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio puts a modernistic and interesting spin on this by releasing an eBook option. This is not simply a book that looks to mumble around, it is a comprehensive program. It gives step-by-step directions on the ins and outs of gaining interest from the opposite sex. Bobby Rio and Rob Judge (the two individuals behind this program) are professional at what they do. They have turned this process into one that is easier to understand.

The focus of the eBook/program is to maximize the potential of one’s texting ability to girls. It pinpoints the dos and don’ts of the process. This review will highlight whether the product is truly worth your time and effort. It will explain what works about Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio and what doesn’t.


Pros about ‘Magnetic Messaging’

It is incredibly in-depth and will help you along the way. They have made sure to understand all of the possible situations that could come up. They do an excellent job of turning texting into an art form and something that is easier to control and manipulate. The detail behind the program is brilliant and deserves credit.

The program explains the reasons behind what turns women off. Simply getting a gorgeous woman’s number is not the end goal. If that is the case, the next interaction will either come by calling or texting. If it is texting, this program explains what maximizes your chances to move onto the next step in the process. A lot of the times, women will not like what you texted and immediately lose interest. Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio touches on the main principles of what women see as turn offs.

The ‘three step process’ for texting is brilliant. It is simply the easiest form of getting your texting problems sorted out. The simplicity behind the process is what makes it such a great program. There is no complex series of steps to go through in order to ‘crack’ the code. It has all been modified and simplified for the reader.


Cons about ‘Magnetic Messaging’

It is an excellent program/eBook; there is no doubt about it. The tips help engaging the opposite sex and getting results. However, there are issues like with anything else out there in the market.

The book is not clear on certain matters that can be troubling for a reader. It tells what works with texting, but does not explain the frequency of the texts. Using the right advice is great, but if it is not being done with appropriate timing, nothing will matter. This is a problem that has been seen with ‘magnetic messaging’.

The eBook is split into different chapters explaining the process. It begins with the texting and moves onto the actual dating part. The tips on the dating part are great, but the focus can often be seen going towards texting. This can be misleading for a reader who is new to the process.

It is a long eBook for some, 185 pages worth of tips can be overwhelming. This is understandable, but it is important to chug through it and reap the benefits of your effort. The length of the book should not scare you, as it is packed with useful information that can be used to improve your chances. Don’t go at things without reading the book in its entirety. All of the details are important and should be soaked in before venturing out.

Concluding Thoughts

It is important to remember that nothing guarantees results in this field. It is the nature of the topic and is solely dependent on your effort. If you do everything correctly and according to the book, you will see a rise in your success rates.

This is a must buy for those who are serious about improving their methods. It is a 185 page book that will go a long way in refining your game. There will be no more losing of dates simply because you don’t text well enough. Women will be more receptive of your texts after you soak in the advice given. Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio has done a splendid job of engaging readers and explaining what is required. The writers are experienced ‘pickup artists’ and know exactly what it takes to get what you want.

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