Magnetic Messaging Review|How To Text A Girl You Like

magneticmesagingMagnetic Messaging is a product that has been specifically designed to help men get the women they are after. It is a texting guide that covers almost everything that the male fraternity should know when it comes to texting and other phone related messaging techniques when wooing ladies. It is a collaborative effort of 2 dating gurus and pickup experts Rob and Bobby Rio. The guide is especially great for men who seem not to have any luck with women as well as the ones that are just starting out in the dating scene. The guide offers all the techniques and tools that are needed to communicate more elaborately with ladies via text messaging.clickheretoknowmore


Magnetic Messaging is available as a downloadable eBook. Should you purchase this, you will get: the main guide, 99 best texts (you can use some of these), an audio mp3 that covers the key lock sequence, an eBook on how to get the girl ( this covers breaking out from the friend zone), infatuation formula, unlimited access to a Facebook page “Date Hotter Girls”, cheat sheet “Teasing and Banter”, 2 mobile apps that are related to the program, a variety of dating resources that are useful with the program and other special bonus like attraction magnets that reveal conversation topics that women are interested and videos that teach you how to bring women home, how to become rejection proof, from Ex to next and rockstar speech.


Cons about Magnetic Messaging

The texting guide comes as a huge relief to men who need some help with texting the ladies. There are however some cons that are associated with it such as:

  • The product is mainly based on how to talk to a girl after getting her number. Some men would also like it to cover how to interact with a girl so that you can get her number and kick it off with texting.
  • At some point the material explores topics that can be quite offensive to some readers as it gets quite graphic. The author drops some F words and also gets into details of how you can get girls to send nudes and how to bring up the topic of threesomes. This means that it is not what you are looking for if you want a PG rated guide.
  • It offers a lot of material that may put you off if you do not like reading. Be assured however that it is interesting and going through all the material is definitely worthwhile.


Pros about Magnetic Messaging

Despite the fact that it has a few cons, it also comes with numerous pros good enough to let the cons slip through. Some of the advantages you can get with this includes:

  • It actually works- based on the numerous positive testimonials, you can be assured that you will actually get good results should you opt to use it.
  • The program is made in a professional and interesting manner that makes it easy to follow and understand without any complications. It explores the mind of the female to show men who to text in style.
  • Although it has a lot of material, it has been organized well so that it flows well in such a way that you will be hooked to the book until the very end.
  • The product also explains some of the mistakes that guys normally make. This is very important as it helps you get the attention of the girl you desire. This way, you will not only have her number on your phone but you will maintain the attraction,
  • The program features “three magnetic texting” a method that helps to reduce the workload and ensure that you remain on track throughout the entire program.
  • It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee which implies that your investment is safe as you can take it back when you feel that it is not working and get your full money back without any questions asked.


The 185 page texting guide comes highly recommended for all the men who are looking to improve their dating game. Although when it comes to dating nothing is guaranteed, you can be certain that you will get techniques that are tested and proven thus you can also end up getting the desired results. There is really nothing to lose thus you should just go ahead and buy it.